Paycheck Fairness Act Is What Ayn Rand Warned Us About

What thoughts does a piece of legislation named the Paycheck Fairness Act evoke? Honestly, this latest attempt by our legislators, and the President because he supports this act, to be fair is nothing more than the legislative lunacy Ayn Rand warned us about in Atlas Shrugged.

In Rand’s 1,150 page masterpiece she came up with names for such economic killing laws such as the “Anti Greed Act”, the “Equalization of Opportunity Act” so entrepreneurs couldn’t start more than one business and the “Anti Dog-Eat-Dog Act” to keep strong competition against businesses at bay.

So what does say about the Paycheck Fairness Act? In the name of “fairness” they say it unfairly burdens employees and employers:

“…the PFA would make virtually any pay difference between a male and female worker grounds for a lawsuit. An employee could sue if she could find an alternative pay practice that arguably serves the same business purpose. This would lead to the government and the courts dictating business practices to employers.”

Unfortunately, our liberal socialist legislators never seem to get it that you can’t legislate fairness, you have to work for it.

Sources:, Wall Street Journal

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Whiny Democrats Making Excuses in Scott Walker Wisconsin Recall Election

Nothing is ever straight forward any more. Even when anti Scott Walker union thugs somehow managed to get one million signatures (through hook and crook) to hold a recall of the Governor and put democratic challenger Tom Barrett on the ballot for today’s Wisconsin recall election, they are already crying foul at the expected outcome of Walker keeping his position.

Walker outspent Barrett by a 3 to 1 margin, showing that there wasn’t really that much support for a recall and some are even pointing the finger at President Obama for not getting involved in the Wisconsin fight.

“People are not happy with Obama and [Vice President] Biden for not coming out here, that’s for sure,” longtime Wisconsin Democratic activist Ed Garvey told The Hill. “I’ve never seen a more risk-averse candidate or officeholder than Barack Obama.”

Maybe the truth is that the people of Wisconsin are just smart enough to figure out that public sector employees have finally taken too much from tax payers with their ridiculous wage and benefit demands. Some day it will be apparent to all, that most states are simply broke and no longer have the money to pay such lavish benefits to people who are paid by taxpayers.


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Bill Clinton Is Out Of Control

Former President Bill Clinton has never been one to tow the line, but now he is making it tougher on Barack Obama as we get closer to the election. With his comments recently that Mitt Romney had a stellar record at Bain Capital and when you have Dick Morris saying that Clinton speaking in private actually does not want Obama to win and saying that Bill Clinton privately tells staunch conservatives that, “you have 6 months to save the country”

Also, when you compare the record of the two Presidents Clinton and Obama, well, there really is no comparison. Four years of budget surpluses and 16 million jobs versus $5 trillion in debts and a consistently scammy jobs report that doesn’t count those no longer looking for work.


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Are Governments Rigging The Financial System – Stephen King Says So

You might think that Stephen King would not get involved in world finance, but you would be wrong about that. However, we’re not talking about Stephen King the famous author, we are referring to the top economist at the HSBC bank in the UK and he believes we are seeing “financial repression” around the world. This means that governments are putting themselves in the front of the line when it comes to borrowing money and getting the privileged rates instead of actually making an effort to reduce their crazy spending.

Read some news on this alarming development below:

HSBC’s Stephen King: The Financial System Is Increasingly Rigged

Governments are funding their large debts by screwing everyone else. Stephen King, the top economist at UK bank HSBC, is out with a new note on the popular topic of “financial repression.” The main ideas are basically distilled in these bullet points. chart. In other words, with the governments of big Western nations running up …. Now why wouldn’t they also rig things like the tax code in the US? 15% long term capital gains rate? As Mitt has shown that’s what the

King QE or Quantitative Easing hijacking here:

QE is a government hijack, says King | The Spectator

‘The financial system is being rigged via acts of financial repression as governments look for new ways of funding excessive debts,’ says King in his bluntly worded report. While he doesn’t cite the UK or Sir Merv by name,

And Jesse’s Cafe talks about our rigged stock markets:

Charles Biderman and Chris Martenson: The Problem With Rigged

As Charles shrewdly asks: what happens when the market becomes un-rigged? We’ve never experienced the unwinding of an entirely manipulated financial system, so we can’t predict for sure. But at this point, a painful

Zero Hedge on our rigged markets:

Chris Martenson Interviews Charles Biderman: The Problem With

As Charles shrewdly asks: what happens when the market becomes un-rigged? We’ve never experienced the unwinding of an entirely manipulated financial system, so we can’t predict for sure. But at this point, a painful

And how we are fooled by by Wall Street and the Obama Regime:

‘Curses! Foiled Again! (By Wall Street and The Obama Administration) –

‘Curses! Foiled Again! (By Wall Street and The Obama Administration)Examiner.comThe same accursed TARP program everyone was screaming about in October 2008 that pumped billions of ‘real’ cash and digital manufactured credit on the spot from the Fed t …

And how about let’s end with a dire video warning from Gerald Calente

GERALD CELENTE Part 1 The Whole Financial System is a CASINO

Gepubliceerd op 15 apr 2012 door SGTbull07 This is Part 1 of my new interview with Gerald Celente. We cover MF Global, the rigged market, and the fact that if you don’t HAVE your money under your control, in your hand, it’s not yours! …

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