Whiny Democrats Making Excuses in Scott Walker Wisconsin Recall Election

Nothing is ever straight forward any more. Even when anti Scott Walker union thugs somehow managed to get one million signatures (through hook and crook) to hold a recall of the Governor and put democratic challenger Tom Barrett on the ballot for today’s Wisconsin recall election, they are already crying foul at the expected outcome of Walker keeping his position.

Walker outspent Barrett by a 3 to 1 margin, showing that there wasn’t really that much support for a recall and some are even pointing the finger at President Obama for not getting involved in the Wisconsin fight.

“People are not happy with Obama and [Vice President] Biden for not coming out here, that’s for sure,” longtime Wisconsin Democratic activist Ed Garvey told The Hill. “I’ve never seen a more risk-averse candidate or officeholder than Barack Obama.”

Maybe the truth is that the people of Wisconsin are just smart enough to figure out that public sector employees have finally taken too much from tax payers with their ridiculous wage and benefit demands. Some day it will be apparent to all, that most states are simply broke and no longer have the money to pay such lavish benefits to people who are paid by taxpayers.

Sources: TheHill.com, BusinessInsider.com

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